The Big Blogging Bonanza

So, as you might already know, I've been doing the Big Blogging Bonanza (a promise to blog five days a week over the Summer Holidays) for a few days now, and I'm starting to get a bit lonely. Do you guys want to join in?

To take part in the BBB, here's what you'll need to do:
1) Comment on this post, or tweet me (@otherteenreader) telling me you want to join. I'll need to know the name of your blog, the name you blog under (e.g. Lara Liz at Another Teen Reader), a picture representing you / your blog, and a brief description of what you write about (doesn't always have to book related). I've put my details in the 'Participants' section so you can have an idea what I'm getting at, and how yours will be displayed.

2) Post every Monday to Friday, with your last compulsory post being on Friday 4th September - my only request is that you link to this page every time you mention the BBB. That way, everyone can see who's taking part and what they've been doing, so we can encourage each other.

3) Have fun! Please don't feel guilty if you miss a day or two: the point of the BBB is to build bridges and meet new blogging people, as well as improving our timekeeping. At the end of the event, I'm going to post a list of everyone who finished, as long as you made an effort. Remember you can join anytime!

BBB Participants
"My blog is the musings of a book-mad teen. I recommend books, fill in blog memes, and generally persuade myself that the characters are real people."
Do you want to join in? Send me a tweet, or comment on this post, and we can do it together!

If you joined, thank you and good luck! Make sure you check out each other's blogs!


  1. Ooh, this sounds fun! Good luck with it! (Blogging almost everyday is super fun. XD)

    1. I'm glad you think so. ;-) Would you like to join?


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