4 Wattpad Stories You Need to Read Right Now

You guys know how incredible WattPad is, right?
It's a site which allows anyone to post their own stories, chapter by chapter, so that they can be read. This means it also allows you to read a whole bunch of stories completely and totally for free - which has to be pretty brilliant. THOUSANDS OF STORIES THAT COST NO MONEY TO READ.

I'm completely sure that I will have hooked you now, so go sign up this instant if you don't already have an account. The rest of us will wait, but hurry, would you?

I guess the genius of WattPad - and the many people who already love it will agree with me here - is that anybody can publish anything, so you get to read things you'd probably never see through traditional publishing. But . . . it also means that 99% of the books you find haven't gone through any kind of formal editing process. So while some are absolute pure genius, they can easily be kind of swamped by the stories that aren't quite there yet.

This is sad, because I'm assuming you don't want to miss out on the ones that are basically concentrated awesome. Here are some of my favourites:

Accidentally on Purpose by Bree Stonefield (@numbereddays)

This was the first book that proved to me just how good WattPad books could be, so I guess it really deserves top spot on this list. There's a baby project (you know, those things people do in Life Skills classes when they have to deal with a screaming robot?), an incident involving soda not coming out of dyed hair, and . . . a dark past. I don't want to say too much.

This book is MASSIVELY cute in and of itself, mostly because this particularly baby project also involves a fake proposal and wedding planning and . . . awwww! But then there's also a beautiful, squee-worthy oneshot out there called Ships and Things by @refractedPenguin. It's about the teacher who organised said baby project. Don't read it before AOP, because exposing yourself to that many spoilers would be MAD, but do read it once you've finished. It's cute as anything.

The End of Summer by @makeandoffer

Okay. This story is many things. It has romance, and hilariousness, and a killer on the loose in a secondary school.

You probably weren't expecting me to say that last bit.

It's the end of summer (the author was probably hoping you'd get that from the title, but I figured I'd tell you anyway) and it's time for a small town's worst kept secret: the Riverbank Riot, a weekend when hundreds of teenagers break into their SCHOOL to get mind-numbingly drunk. And seeing as Summer Jacobs is dealing with some pretty "unforeseen circumstances" at home, she's in dire need of a party.

This plan kind of derails as soon as three teachers storm in, closely followed by a masked gunman. So this weekend really could be the end of Summer. The book is absolutely gripping, but honestly my favourite part is the title pun. 

Dizzy by Jolene Perry and Nyrae Dawn

Ziah and Dylan hate each other, pretty much. They met at a party - on what everyone has to admit was a pretty bed night for her - and it did not go very well. But now his brother has sold out on their no relationships pact and is getting married . . . to her sister. So, meet the world's most unenthusiastic wedding planners ever!

This being WattPad, teen romance central, they don't hate each other for the entire book.

What I really liked about this one was that Ziah and Dylan BOTH NARRATED! So you got to see their feelings for each other and it was incredibly, brilliantly frustrating. Read if you want to spend a lot of time yelling "JUST KISS ALREADY!" at a good book.

When Left Alone by @zemrabbit

There's another thing WattPad is really good at besides romance and slightly creepy fanfiction, and that's poetry. Some of it is so ridiculously, brilliantly deep that you can get lost in it for days. And this . . . this book right here is my personal favourite.

Admittedly, it was written by one of my bestest bestest friends, so maybe I'm the tiniest bit biased, but it really is beautiful. She has this insane ability to rip your heart up and make you glad about it, which I guess all the best poets (and authors *cough* John Green *cough*) have: I'm not going to even talk about it for much longer because I can feel myself starting to get teary. Just give it a try, okay?

In the comments: Do you have a favourite WattPad story? If you've read any of these, what did you think? And which one do you want to read first?
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