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If a book is reviewed on this blog, I've either bought it, borrowed it from my local / school library, been given it by a friend, won it as part of a competition / giveaway, or been ever-so-kindly given it by an author or publisher in return for a review. How I received a book does not change my opinion of it one iota, as I am a stubborn little goat of a Capricorn, but I'll still state at the beginning of the review if I won or was given it for review.

You know. Because I want to give you all the information you need, and mandatory disclosure is also a thing.

Mostly, I read and review YA books, particularly Contemporary, Mystery and Fantasy, but I'm an adventurous bookworm and have been known to read anything, including dystopia and romance. I'll dip my toe into Middle Grade and crossover Adult books too, particularly if they concern crime and detectives, but my first love will always be YA.

That said, there are a couple of types of books I will not accept to review under any circumstances (if I really want to talk about them for any strange reason, I'll buy them myself) even if we're experiencing Armageddon and the zombies are closing in. That's not because I hate you or your books, just because I know I won't like them and it seems unfair to waste anybody's time by accepting free copies. These are:
  • Erotica or adult romance (just think of my poor little teenage brain cells). If you want guidance, I was perfectly okay with Ben Elton's Time and Time Again, but Fifty Shades of Grey sounds like my idea of ick.
  • Picture or chapter books. I have no earthly way of writing critical reviews about these.
  • Most non-fiction. I don't usually read or review it, but am really interested in feminism, the publishing industry and discussion of disability / mental health. I'd love to take a look at books covering these topics. 
I'll accept review books in paperback or e-ARC, but physical copies are my favouritist and my best. I'm currently open to review copies from authors themselves, traditional publishing houses, and self-published ones too, but this may change.

If you'd like to offer me a book for review, let me hug you. Thank you. Feel free to email me about the book ( including when you'd like it reviewed by and any specific places you'd like me to post the review - they will always go live on Goodreads with a crosspost to Amazon and a mini version on the blog, but if you'd like me to add another website to the crosspost list then just ask - and I'll send my shipping address if it sounds like my kind of thing.

Please remember, if you're considering offering me a book, that while many of my reviews are nice, I will always be honest. By sending me free things, you aren't buying a good review, but I always treat books fairly and rave about them VERY LOUDLY if I love them. Hopefully, I will.


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