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Hey there! My name’s Lara, and this, this right here, is my little corner of the Internet, where I like to scream about YA books and the bookworm life. Welcome.

No. Don’t touch my books.

I am obsessive about many things. Reading. Blogging. Singing. Talking. It's pretty difficult to shut me up in general, but I tend to get especially animated about the unfair things in life, whether that be gender inequality, homophobia, racism, or overly expensive books. As a proud disabled person (Cerebral Palsy for the win, y'all), I am not afraid to shout when something harmful crops up in a book, but I will be your biggest fan if you take the time to craft good disability rep. It would be literally impossible for me to overstate how important it is to see all kinds of people reflected in literature, especially lit for kids and teens, so I'm just going to keep going on about it until it happens.

In other news, well. I'm pretty much your typical fangirl. I squee over Funko pops and fandom related necklaces, my love of Harry Potter is so huge that it’s getting ridiculous, and I adore anything related to Sherlock Holmes because I have a worrying fascination with murder.

If you aren’t running away and reporting me to the police right now, then it sounds like you’re going to like it here. I wrote a post with more interesting facts, if you want to know everything about the marvellous me.


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