No, Mum, I'm Not A Millennial

Basically, guys, I'm moving internet-house.

First off (and believe me when I say I am very sad to announce this), Another Teen Reader is dead. I've been wanting to blog about more than books for a really long time now, so I figured, since I hadn't been regularly posting for so long anyway, I had the opportunity for a rebrand.

The archives here are staying live, so whenever you want to re-read an old post you can, but for the future you can visit me at No, Mum, I'm Not A Millennial, where you will be able to get some of the same bookish content alongside life stuff, activism from a youth perspective, and puns. I'm waiting a few weeks to launch, since I want to organise a launch week and make sure I have a decent number of posts queued first. But I hope to see you there - in fact, if you like, you can head over now to laugh at the picture of my face I uploaded, and read my new About the Author and Policies pages. Not terribly exciting, but never mind.

Lastly, thank you so much for your lovely comments and support at Another Teen Reader. If you want to chat, my twitter handle is still @otherteenreader, my new blog email is, and if for some lovely reason you miss my content, I've been contributing to One and the Same for their Youth Power project - you can read my first post for them here.

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  1. Ahhh, I've missed you!! Can't wait to see what your new blogging future holds!

    1. Thanks, Kate - I missed you too! Hopefully you enjoy what's coming.


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