A Book for Every Subject (My Blog Meme)

Since I started blogging a few weeks ago, I have developed a serious love of book memes. By reading someone else's, you get loads of book recommendations at once, and there are SO MANY PRETTY BOOK COVERS!

Not that I'm overexcited, or anything.

Seeing as I adore book memes to this level already, I figured I'd start one of my own. It's based on the moods of various school subjects, but it doesn't matter if you're in school, college, homschool. . . Now, without further ado:

(A classic book you read to study - for school or research - but actually ended up loving.)

Animal Farm by George Orwell. I would never have picked this up if it wasn't on my English curriculum, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would have. My teacher was, admittedly, brilliant at presenting it, and I don't think it would stick in my memory as much without his input, but you should definitely give this a try. It's about a group of animals who overthrow their human farmers, founding a republic of equals. The only problem is that their pig representatives start to fancy themselves as leaders.

Although this book is most well-known for its parallels with communist Russia, I mostly enjoyed the characters, because other than Napoleon and Snowball (who you're not really meant to like), they were adorable. Boxer, the carthorse, was so hardworking I immediately wanted to kiss him to bits. You probably notice the characters more because it's a little less politically obvious than some of Orwell's other books, but I found the fact that each animal represents a real-life person fascinating. I'd definitely check out the Wikipedia page for more information (just do it after you've finished to avoid spoilers).

French / German / Italian etc.
(A book that just didn't quite speak your language.)

First things first, I by no means hated this book. It had really identifiable characters, and the plot was well-imagined, but I found it a bit generic. You know, a dystopian with a controlling society who want a girl to love one boy, but there's this rebel who she really likes. . .

I'm not saying that you shouldn't read this book. Cassia, the main character, was brilliant, and I liked some features of The Society. I'll read Crossed, the sequel, and keep you posted. Maybe there's a massive plot twist coming.

(A book that took you forever to finish.)

Honestly, I could've picked twenty books for this category. Anything above 400 pages, and I read slower with every chapter. I'll go with the book I'm reading at the moment, which is The Lost Hero: Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. It's beyond a brick. That book could be used as insulation for a doll's house, and I can tell it's going to take me forever.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it though, purely because Piper McLean is awesome.

Religious Studies (R.S or R.E)
(A book that opened your eyes to another culture.)

Without doubt, that would be Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird. It's about a family of Muslim refugees from Iran, and is told from the point of view of Tara, their thirteen-year-old daughter. Who I really wished could be my best friend by the end of it. Teenagerdom is hard enough without having to leave everything you've ever known behind.

I was surprised at how well the story was integrated with history and culture, and it didn't read like a textbook. This is a real book with real characters, and you're going to love it.

(A book world you wish you could escape to.)

I've chosen two books for this one because it feels like a cheat to mention Harry Potter and its awesomeness for every blog meme I do. The reasons I want to escape to Hogwarts are obvious (magic, boarding school and feasts, people) but I feel I should explain the Silver Spires series. They're about a group of girls who go to this amazing boarding school called Silver Spires. They're my guilty pleasure series, probably because I read them just before I would have been old enough to go there.

Yes. When I was smaller, I had a serious love of boarding schools. Still do, actually.

(A book so action-packed you were glued to the pages.)

The stakes in The Hunger Games are so high that it is impossible not to keep reading. I mean, forget cliffhangers. Katniss was fighting to the death and dealing with a confusing crush. Not to mention the dystopian government. She was falling into the figurative centre of the earth every other chapter.

Not that this book is over-hyped, I promise. I'm just very dramatic when it comes to describing books.

and finally . . . 

(Your favourite book cover. Did you like its contents or not?)

I love everything about this book cover. The tartan skirt, the ribbon on the diploma and the font of the title are just perfect. Not to mention that the Gallagher Girls series is hilarious and kick-butt. I mean, what would you expect from a girls' spy school?

Now go, my little bloglings! You're all tagged!
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