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(I'd like to note that I've just realised there's a difference between blog memes and blog tags. On this blog, I do tags, but they're filed under memes because I thought that's what they were. I'm going to try and change the label, but that might take some time.)

I would say that I was tagged to do this by Tessa @ Crazy for YA, but to be honest, I kind of stole it because it looked so awesome. I get to choose my ideal life, taking elements from all my favourite books. Incredible, huh?

I mean of course my real life is amazing and I don't want the people in it to think I hate them 'cos I don't and . . . yeah. I'll just get on with it.

Who would be your sister?
Ellie Sweet from The Reinvention of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill would be an amazing sister, for me at least. Amazing. For a start, she writes, and I can see her being really supportive to anyone else who did, especially a sister. She's bookish (read: I could steal her books) and we'd be close. Like all dream-from-a-book sisters should.

What do you mean, I'd have to let her steal my books too? I am not allowing my babies out of my sight. And I never said I wasn't a hypocrite.

Who would be your brother?
I struggled over this one for ages. AGES. But then I remembered Rory Hawthorne from The Hunger Games - you can probably tell he's Gale's little brother, but I always had a soft spot for him because he looked up to Gale so much, and signed up for tesserae, risking his life. He knew not only the risks, but also that his brother would never allow it, and he loved his family so much that he did it anyway. 

He fought the people he loved for the opportunity to die for them. I'm going to go cry now.

Who would your parents be?

I'm skipping this question for two reasons. Firstly, I don't want to anger my IRL parents by suggesting there's anyone who would be more awesome than them - we live together, you know. Things could turn ugly very, very fast.

There's also the thing that really annoys me: in most books I read, the parents are either non-existent, really really mean, or have died / die at some point. I'll stick with the Mum and Dad I've got, thank you.

Who would be your pet?
There are many, many pawesome (see what I did there) animals I could choose from, but the moment I saw this question, my mind flashed back to LARA (Liscenced Assistance and Rescue Animal) from Andrew Cope's Spy Dogs series. Admittedly, I grew out of those books a long time ago, but I always thought that the fact a dog smart enough to be my teacher - I'm serious - had the same name as me was amazing. Also, she was knighted. I so want a dame dog.

Where would you live?
Easily, easily, this is St. Ives as portrayed in the Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St. John. I love the idea of cute little coffee shops arranged over ivory cliffs, walking to school over open, wild beaches. I mean, sure, Laura always manages to be almost killed by bloodthirsty criminals, but to avoid that, you just need to be a little sensible.

And, you know, not aggravate said bloodthirsty criminals. That helps too.

Where would you go to school?
Now, a million people are going to say Hogwarts for this question, so I won't. Even though it would be brilliantly awesome, all those stairs don't seem exactly wheelchair accessible.

I would, however, adore going to Malory Towers, from the series of the same name by Enid Blyton, just because it sounds like the epitome of sisterhood. I cannot think of anything better than having to eat marshmallows for midnight feasts so matron wouldn't hear, and I also really, really want to play lacrosse. That isn't a bad reason, is it?

Who would be your best friend?
I'm sorry to be stereotypical here, but I would hang out with Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, because they basically represent the two conflicting aspects of my personality. Case closed.

Who would be your significant other?
Prince Luka from Dragonskin Slippers (Jessica Day George) is dreamyyy. I mean, sure, he'd be busy being a Prince and stuff, and I'd hate to tear him away from Creel (she's very cool, so I wouldn't like to get on her bad side). But if it was ever possible to get together without breaking up one of my favourite ships, and he lived on Earth, that would be ideal . . .

Yes, all the parts of my book life tag are from different genres and make very little sense together. But then I rarely make sense, anyway.
What about you? Would you have a crazy book life full of manic jigsaw pieces that are only likely to make sense when fantasy finally becomes real? Or would it be more boring  - I promise I don't think you're boring - chilled?
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