10 Presents With Which to Present a Bookworm

So, my #Shelfie post took so long to write that I think my brain may have literally scrambled. Luckily for me, it's Christmas, so Dad can untangle it along with the fairy lights . . . or I could just write a post about bookwormy presents.

Yeah. That might be less painful.

There has always been one easy gift to get a bookworm at Christmas - books, duh - but they aren't as easy as they look. There's always a chance that your tame book lover has read it, and . . . that would be awkward. If you'd prefer a book-related gift with a bit of a twist, then here are some ideas. As long as you don't mind ordering online, there's a lot out there:

#1 - This All-Too-True Quote print
Literary Print via NotOnTheHighStreet.com - £24.95 with frame
This is a beautiful little page-sized print that would be perfect for the classic book lover (it's from Little Women) or someone who goes a little crazy over their books. Or both. Preferably both.

I'd also recommend this as a brilliant gift for anyone who's redecorating practically any room in their house, or complains that their walls are bare, or whatever. It could also be a subtle hint for anyone you think is reading too much - just don't expect them to change . . .

#2 - The Best-Smelling Candle in All the World
Old Books Candle via the Frostbeard Etsy Shop - £12.36
If you're anything like me, the best smell in all of the natural world is quite obviously an old book. It's like vanilla and knowledge and heaven and I feel like I'm getting smarter just by breathing in that aroma. Next time you see me smelling a revision guide, you'll know why.

Scented candles are supposed to be relaxing, and trust me, non-bookworms - this is just the ticket. And you can check the rest of the store for more biblophile-related scents . . .

#3 - Did Someone Say Harry Potter?
Illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone via Amazon.com - £15.00
I am aware that I said these were going to be non-book gifts, but just look at it. LOOK AT IT - this has to be more than a book, surely? And you don't have to worry about the object of your gift affections already owning it, because if they did, it would have been shoved in your face or raved about at you by now.

This gift is perfect for your favourite Potter fan, especially if you know they're into illustration and 'dat. Just don't assume that all bookworms know their Hogwarts from their house elves (sorry Briony, we do this to you loads) . . .

#4 - Let's go old school.
It might be a bit left field, but typewriters are so quirky and literary that most bookworms secretly want one. If your pet worm is one of the traditionalists, or writes as well as reading, then I think it's ideal - the only reason I haven't included a link here is because you've got to dig around on Etsy and eBay to find a good one.
Alice in Wonderland Typewriter earrings via The Literary Gift Company - £16.00

And if, for whatever reason, a full-on typewriter is a bit over the top for your purposes, then you could always try related accessories, like the earrings above. But after a while, I managed to find a proper one for as little as £12.99, so the real thing might actually be less expensive.

#5 - For the Grammar Grumblers.
Grammar Grumbler's Mug No.5 via The Literary Gift Company
A lot of Most bookworms love a hot drink of some kind, and - trust me on this - you can't just start reading a book without drinks and snacks planned. If the person you need a present for has a habit of correcting your grammer, and, punctuation (I was trying to annoy them, but I'm growling now. Never exploit your own weakness.) then these mugs might just be the only thing missing from their reading experience.

(I say mugs because there's a range. Have a quick look around on the site.)

#6 - It's ALL MINE.
Personalised Library Book Stamp via NotOnTheHighStreet.com - £29.50
If you've ever had the misfortune of falling on the wrong side of a bookworm, you'll know how possessive most of us are about our books. It makes sense that we would love anything that allows us to lay claim to them, so just BUY ME ONE PLEASE.

Sorry, did I say me? I meant - um - your planned bookworm recipient.

There are all kinds of lovely stampers out there, personalised or with spaces for whoever you choose to write their name: don't shy away from this idea if you don't like the design above.

#7 - Tickets to the BEST DAY EVER

If you don't mind waiting awhile for your gift to pay off, then you could always get them tickets to a book festival - that way, they get to have a whole day of fun, and you can come too!

Which event you go for depends on where you live and when you're reading this, but I loved Write on Kew and the Hay Festival come highly recommended. I don't know if tickets are on sale now though...

#8 - First Place
A first edition of a beloved book, maybe from their childhood, might be tricky to find and expensive if it's older, but Chandler from Friends found out how it's worth it. If you get that reference.

If you want to track down anything, this website might help. http://www.abebooks.co.uk/books/first-printing-collectible-modern-books/first-editions.shtml

#9 - Because Book Glamour is A Thing
Mini Book Necklace via Paper Fury - £4.95
It's no secret that I adore Cait from Paper Fury anyway, but it turns out she's an amazing Etsy seller as well as blogger. HOW IS ALL THIS TALENT POSSIBLE?

Ahem. Cait's necklaces are a sight to behold. She makes them look like real books, and - well - don't they look lovely? You can choose from a range on the website, or pick your own, but the latter means the spine might not be decorated. It'll still make your tame book lover more glamorous than they ever dreamed.

and finally . . .

#10 - This
Men's or Women's T-Shirt via Redbubble.com - £17.63

'Nuff said.


Do you guys have any suggestions I missed? And what do you want for Christmas or whichever holiday you're celebrating?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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  1. AHHH THESE ARE SO GREAT. And omg, I'm honoured to be included in your round-up. *sniffles happily* THANK YOU. <3
    I also desperately need that illustrated Harry Potter in my life. XD I'm going to library it, but gahhhh!! I love that there are pictures and they are GORGEOUS. So there's that. *nods*
    Also I need that mug a lot. XD

    1. I thought that mug might appeal to an awful lot of book dragons, so huzzah! I was right.

      Also, I don't think I could ever library a book that beautiful. I need to OWN it and STROKE it. But you have restraint. *nods respectfully*


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