My Fictional Bucket List (A Tag With Mysterious Origins)

I've seen loads of different bloggers and BookTubers do this in all corners of the internet, so its origins are more than a little shadowy (near-black, actually, I'm just gonna roll with it) but here at Another Teen Reader I give tags with dark pasts a second chance. Here I am, crusading through this world that frowns on those with murky beginnings and making the world a lighter, more forgiving place.

Or something? Let's go with that.


Go to Deepdean School for Girls

Just imagine . . . I could go out to town with Daisy and Hazel wearing my "divine berry cloche", play hockey and have midnight feasts. I could learn Latin and French and run down polished corridors and maybe even do a little detective work (not to mention having a MORNING BUNBREAK! That's like heaven within heaven). It all sounds like it would be pretty brilliant. I mean perfect.

Provided that I don't get murdered. That wouldn't be quite as amazing.

Live on Embassy Row

I'm sorry, but if there's something even more awesome than getting to live in a historic European city, it would be living there with diplomatic immunity. And - beach parties? I would love to sail away from the city and all my troubles to toast marshmallows, watching Grace and Rosie do crazy stuff while I laugh with Noah (Noah. . .) and Megan.

Okay, maybe I just want to hang out with the characters. But it'd be really interesting to watch all the political chess and try to cause as many international incidents as I could.

Embroider a pair of Dragonskin Slippers

I really wish I could be good at sewing, because - I'm not going to lie about completely selfish intentions - I would love to have a customised wardrobe. It's also supposed to be relaxing, and considering the tear-filled torment that is today's YA literature, I definitely need that. As soon as possible.

In the silly old real world, I'm limited by my complete lack of patience and common sense, (which, when I end up having to look after myself, will be seriously frightening) but in a world of dragons and magical slippers? With Creel and Marta, who are both insanely good at embroidery and hilarious, cheering me on? I could sew every Duchess in the shop a gown and be done in time to fly a dragon (most definitely Nina, the argumentative one) into battle.

Don't doubt me.

Hunt ghosts with Lockwood & Co.
This is another activity that could very plausibly get me killed, but we're just going to ignore that. Books without the possibility of death aren't much fun anyway.

Working at Lockwood & Co. would be nothing but awesome (if you look past the possibly perilous danger). I mean, you get to research GHOSTS in a HUGE LIBRARY. The entire team is pretty much completely fuelled by DOUGHNUTS, and I'm fairly certain some training involving rapiers goes on at some point.

So at least it's fun mortal danger.

Holiday with the Liars

Cadance, Johnny, Mirren and Gat spend their entire summer, every summer, on a private island. I mean, awesome much? As you could probably tell from yesterday's review, I don't want to say anything about the plot if physically possible - and goodness knows I wouldn't want to be caught up in it - but trust me. That island is pure fabulousness with a side dish of tranquility. (Anything involving steamed clam picnics on the beach must be at least partially brilliant.)

Basically, I want to live in the setting without anything happening that actually happens in the book. Thank you, whoever makes that happen.

For the first time ever, because I met so many amazingly brilliant peeps at last Sunday's #teenbloggerschat on Twitter (join in when you can guys, you'll get to chat with the most friendly people), I'm TAGGING FOLKS. (Lara playing by the rules? Shock horror.) If I haven't tagged you, that doesn’t mean you can't join in - I'm not that mean! Just comment with your link and I'd love to have a look.

(If you have been tagged, then just pick some things from books that you'd want to do if you could dive between the pages. Write about them. I WANNA SEE!)

Tagged are:

Guys, I hope you have fun writing (but no pressure, you obviously don't HAVE to...)

Would you want to do any of these things? Or are you a little worried about the possibility of death (it's a YA book, death is ALWAYS possible)? What else would you fancy doing?

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