Bub-Bye FOR NOW!

Now, it may have escaped your notice (because apparently not all of my subjects have been properly counting down the days until MY summer holidays start) but I only have twelve days of school left. And in those twelve days I have to:

  • Write 1200 words of a novel (which I know takes most of you guys, like, seconds, but will be a solid half hour a day for me)
  • Do sixty hours of school work, half of which seems to be actually important.
  • Go on an intensive seaside activity weekend complete with climbing, archery and dorm-to-dorm pranks (oh, I know, the hardship)
  • Learn an entire ten-page choral piece in four part harmony.
  • Sing said piece as part of said choir in the Royal Albert Hall in front of quite a few people. And possibly TV cameras.
There wasn't really any room to write ten blog posts in that list. Sorry! I will see you on the 18th of July, after which I intend to write a post EVERY DAY I'M SUPPOSED TO. (That's three times a week, for those of you who've got used to my day-skipping laziness.)

I know, I'm getting organised! Feel free to faint in shock now. *exits dramatically*
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  1. We'll miss you- enjoy the last days of school as much as you can!

    1. Thank you! I would say sorry you're going to miss me, but it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, so maybe I'm glad?

      See you soon!


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