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If you've been hanging around this blog since the early, dark days, you'll know that this is *deep breath* the first tag I EVER completed. I wasn't tagged. I didn't know how you were supposed to even write a tag, and yet it remains one of the most fun I've ever had writing a post. And, because I'm more changeable than Moriarty in a darkened swimming pool (if you watch Sherlock, you'll know what I mean) I've decided to remix the tag and channel some of that newbie blogger joy.

And, because my theoretical TBR pile - more of a list, if we're being honest - is a little disorganised at the moment (actually said organisation is pretty non-existent), I thought I'd use this remix to set myself a challenge: I'm going to try to read all of these books by the end of the year.

Yes, that's December. I'm not the world's most focused reader and I honestly think I'll need that long.

A book that was a little slow to start off with, but should really picked up as it went goes along.

I started Sarah J. Maas's Heir of Fire a Long Time Ago, got bored, and it has resided in the deep dark depths of my Kindle pretty much ever since. Having absolutely loved Throne of Glass, the first in the series, I waited a while before starting Crown of Midnight, and I think that might be why I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. The main character seemed to have changed a lot, becoming kind of bitter and a little bit too anti-hero for my taste (although she's an assassin, so I guess I should have seen that coming) and in the first scene, nothing really happened. WHERE IS ALL THE PEOPLE KILLING? #colourmedisappointed

When I told some of my IRL friends (no, they really do exist) this, I was almost killed. Apparently it will get better and I have to keep reading or else. It might be the riskiest thing I've ever done - and I decided to be friends with them in the first place - but I think I'm going to trust them. *gulp*

A book with I hope will have a rich, great plot.
Obviously I hope that every book will have a rich, great plot, but Bone Gap has both a beautiful cover and a lot of influential-blogger fans who won't stop yelling at me to read it. I'm hoping it's as good as everyone says it is, or I might destroy the world in disappointment. 

Don't tell anyone it was me if stuff starts blowing up.

A book you think was is going to be bad but will hopefully actually turned out quite enjoyable so you're going to read it anyway.
So I read Dorothy Must Die quite a while ago, and all I really need to say is yes. Yes to a sarcastic narrator. Yes to Oz turned on its head and Dorothy being evil (I never really trusted her, anyway). YES TO ALL THE DEATH AND EVILNESS.

Um . . . sorry. My evil twin got out the box for a moment there.

The only reason I never read The Wicked Will Rise was for the same reason as always . . . I am absolutely terribly organised. And by that, I mean not organised at all. It sort of fell by the wayside as I read other books, and now everyone who seems to review it didn't really like it. A terrible shame, no? I'm still going to be a stubborn little goat and read it - hopefully I can be a little bit divergent and still end up enjoying myself.

A sugary, sweet book.
So apparently A Study in Charlotte involves some murder, a dash of tense rivalry and sprinklings of addiction of some kind. Most of you, granted, would not call this a "sugary, sweet book", but reading anything to do with Sherlock Holmes gives me that sugary sweet feeling, so I'm going to cheat. Are there any objections?

*points dagger at your throats* Good. Didn't think so.

From what I can tell, the main characters are great-grandchildren of the original Holmes and Watson, and they do the Sherlock thing on a modern day college campus. There's possibly some violin playing and I think they're falsely accused of something. I got a bit distracted looking at the absolutely jaw-droppingly gorgeous cover when I read the synopsis on Goodreads, so that's all I know. 

A book that whose premise covers every single element you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.).
People need to talk about the Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson a whole lot more. It's absolutely amazing (and admittedly I've only read the first book, The Name of the Star, so I guess I can't really talk) but no-one seems to know about it. WHY DOES NO-ONE SEEM TO KNOW ABOUT IT?

I mean, ghost hunting in London with a duck-out-of-water American protagonist. What part of that premise isn't kickass and awesome?

Exactly. None.

A book series you can kind of turn back to for a little pick-me-up when you're feeling down 

Harry Potter is the ultimate comfort read series for me; I'm obviously a huge fan and basically can't wait to read it. The only reason I haven't put it down as my most anticipated book is that said excitement is also mixed with an equal if not greater amount of trepidation and fear. What if it just isn't any good? What if grown-up Harry is a real pain in the bottom? What if Hermione and Ron get divorced?

Ronmione cannot get divorced. It just isn't allowed.

I've made a point of putting this book on the list of things I have to read before the end of the year because it would be a real shame if I got so scared that I didn't end up reading it. *looks at book and shivers*

The cherry on top
Your favourite most anticipated book this year so far.
When I saw the Goodreads listing for . . .And A Happy New Year? out of the blue a couple of months ago, I got so excited I think I squealed. Like, out loud. Holly Bourne's Normal series has been one of my favourites of late (duh - it's about a group of teenage feminists who eat lots of cheesy snacks), and after finishing the last book - yay for winning proof copies - there were so many questions I still needed answering.

(Just a short interjection - the third book in this series, What's A Girl Gotta Do? came out TODAY. So what are you waiting for? Go read it!)
I began the slow, agonising process of preparing myself for a lifetime without those answers. And then, thanks to this book, I realised that I might get them after all.

EEK! I can't believe I have to wait until November 1st. If I explode with the agony of waiting before then, I won't be able to review it and that would be sad.

As I basically took over this tag for my own, I'm not going to be tagging anyone. However, if you want to use these questions, feel free! The originals can be found here if you'd rather do the classic version.
In the comments: What's on your TBR for the rest of this year? Are you as bad at organising it as I am? And what's your feeling on Cursed Child?
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