5 Ways I Plan to Improve My Blog In 2017

First of all, I would just like to thank everyone for your amazing support with Disability Diaries last week. It meant the world to me to write those posts and have those discussions, and the fact that people were out there retweeting and contributing and actually listening to what we all had to say ... it blew my mind. I think I speak on behalf of Ely, Cee Arr, Angel, Jolien and Dina when I say that you guys were (and still are, of course) utterly amazing.

It was also, as you can probably imagine, a ridiculously busy week. Between homework and music practice and finding the time to chat with you guys on the internet, I don't think I've had a moment to sit and think about my blogging direction since the New Year.

So that's what I'm going to do today. Here you go:

Hey - tags?

You've probably never bothered to scroll down far enough on any of my post to get to the tag wasteland, but do it. Do it now.

The amount of tags there that are absolutely useless because they only contain one post ... it hurts me. It's just a painful mass of links that tangle up everyone's brains - especially mine. I've been putting off pruning the whole jungle because the thought of going through every single post I've ever written to fix its tags makes me want to turn my brain inside out just a tiny bit.

But it really is bugging me.

Yes, Tom Hanks. Really.

I'm doing my first category-based Reading Challenge this year (courtesy of Sorry, I'm Booked) and it has a rule that you have to review the three books you read per month for the challenge. And, therefore, I plan to review not only those, but EVERY SINGLE BOOK I read this year.

Good luck, me.

As I've found that a) I like to write itty bitty tiny reviews which don't always fill up an entire blog post, b) reviews don't actually get enjoyed as much as my other blog posts (based on the stats, anyway), and c) I'm sick of having a Goodreads account that resembles a town abandoned after nuclear disaster, I decided I'd post those reviews there.

I'm not going to completely abandon on-the-blog reviews - in fact, I've got some lovely ones lined up for you in the next couple of weeks - but they will become a rare species. You know, like pandas. Or ... unicorns.

When I took part in the Teen Bloggers' Chat yesterday, my main intention was to make sure that the blogging community at large knew that I was still alive and hadn't just zombified myself for Disability Diaries before returning to my silent grave.

Hush. I'm tired. It's not that long for a metaphor.

Anyway, yakking on Twitter is a very fun (and also very productive/ networky) thing to do, so I need to get around to doing it more. Come join me, if you fancy! 7PM UK Time? Next Sunday? It's on teen voice and opinion and all that kinds of awesome.

You'll be there. *nods with completely hollow confidence*

I don't just say this to myself every year, I say this to myself every week. And I always believe it. Come Saturday, I'm always excited about two whole free days and I think 'hey! I can get two or three posts written and scheduled, no problem!"

Then Monday rolls around, and - well. There's a reason this post is going up exactly ten seconds before my bedtime.

It's as if I'm physically incapable of writing anything unless I am facing a near-impossible deadline, and this is not fun. It might just be the way I work, but if so ... it is not my favourite attribute. Right now, I'm so tired I am typing the wrong words and barely noticing.

This needs to stop.

Gosh, am I terrible at commenting.

I'll read maybe two or three blog posts a day, and a lot of them are amazing. I'll get to the end of the post, think something along the lines of "wow, that was good" ... and then CLOSE THE WINDOW WITHOUT COMMENTING.

And I know how terrible this is. I know how much I appreciate comments on my own blog and the people who genuinely care enough to leave them, especially regularly (you guys are beautiful and I love you. Thank you for all your support and gorgeousness), so it's really bad that I love posts and then the blogging geniuses behind them don't get to hear about it.

I guess I just need to get into the habit? But WOW. Someone hit me with a hammer until I hit reply next time, okay?

In the comments: Do you have any blogging goals for yourself this year? Why are they important for you? Do you think you'll actually end up meeting them?
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  1. Oh gosh, I started out blogging not using tags at all, and then four years into it I decided I wanted to be organized. Needless to say, it took a while. xD I hope your process is a lot more smoother than mine was.

    Isn't it strange how hard it is to keep up on commenting while also posting new stuff? It seems like it should be easy to have that balance, but that's hardly ever the case. Here's to a more productive 2017!

    1. OH, that must have been an absolute nightmare- four years' worth of posts must take a lot of time to categorise! I ... I honestly hope my process is better than that too. I've only got a year and a half's archive to go through, so hopefully that'll make my life a little easier?

      Commenting has always been deceptively difficult, and I can never quite work out why. Maybe this new, more productive year will be the one in which I finally put two and two together?

      Happy Productive 2017 to you too, Kate!

  2. Lara,
    OH MY GOD, THIS IS SUCH A GOOD PLAN! As you can see, I am trying to comment on blogs. I suck at doing this, so I have to schedule it in my planner. Still haven't figured out the frequency of this activity, though. Like, should I do this every day? *Shrug* No clue.

    Goodreads reviews is also on my goal list, but I have been failing at it. Will work on it. Thanks for reminding me.

    How do Twitter chats work, anyway? I don't have enough followers to do this, but I am curious as to how to schedule it and get it started. Educate your friend here (me. I am the friend. Help).

    Dude, are we friends on Goodreads? *Panics* Will send you an add request in a second.


    1. Yes, a good plan ... but have I implemented any of it? #no Not yet, anyway. Yay for well intended, utterly disorganised me.

      I, too, am struggling with commenting right now. My year exams are fast approaching (RS tomorrow morning - eek!), and honestly - as much as I love you and am enjoying talking to you - I'm surprised I even dug myself out of the revision for long enough to reply on my own blog.

      I think, if you're into the idea of launching your own Twitter chat, then you'll have to talk to the people who have run them successfully - I just participate, and that's difficult enough for me! Getting stuck in with existing chats (#ukyachat and #sundayya are great ones to start with) sounds like a good place to start for me, though.

      Dude, we are NOT friends on Goodreads. LET ME FIX THIS RIGHT NOW. *dashes over to accept your request*


  3. Goodluck with doing all this Lara, I'll be keeping a look out on your blog and seeing what you are doing. I often have similar problems with scheduling and not commenting on enough blogs. I have good intentions it's just a matter of following through. Look forward to seeing more from you.

    1. Thanks, Mich! Scheduling is just OVERLY DIFFICULT, and as for commenting ... the amount of time it's taken me to get around to replying to your lovely comment probably tells you how bad I am at it. Still, I shall try to follow through.


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