The Essence of Being A Teenager

(I got the idea for this post here: I'm not officially part of the chain, because I found the website months after it had finished, but I thought I'd have some fun with it anyways.)

Being a teenager is hard.

But it could be a lot harder.

It's also crazy.

But don't we all need a little more crazy in our lives?

Sometimes we get treated like children.

But we also get to behave like them.

Sometimes we have to be grown-ups.

But it's more fun than you'd think.

Our friends mean far too much to us.

Which is pretty cool, if you think about it.

We don't even have a proper job yet.

So we still have time to decide what to do with our lives.

School can suck.

But only sometimes.

We're 'too old' to read children's fiction.

And adults' is maybe a little daunting.

But that's okay because YA is AMAZING!

Whatever you have to say about it, being a teenager is . . .

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  1. Ha ha, great post, Lara! :) I especially love the pictures you chose and what you said about being a kid and an adult. Being a teenager is the perfect mixture of childish insanity and adult responsibility. Not enough work to stress out so you can relax and be young, but enough so you feel responsible and mature.

    1. "the perfect mixture of childish insanity and adult responsibility". Couldn't have put it better if I tried. *tips hat*


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