My Summer Reads: 10 Words or Less

As you guys may or may not know, I was not a very productive reader this summer. I'm not a very productive reader in general, to be honest, but ten books in six weeks? When I've got to read two a week to keep up with the Goodreads goal I'm already behind on?

Ah well. I read stuff - and, luckily for you guys, I consider ten books is the perfect number to feature in a blog post. If you would ever-so-kindly remember the fact that I'm only using ten words to describe each book, I think the whole thing becomes rather cutsey and well co-ordinated.

Wait. It's just occurred to me that with only ten words per book, I won't be able to ramble on at you guys.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Normal, waffley service will be resumed on Friday.

The Manifesto on How To Be Interesting - Unique character voice, addictively written, not too tropey.

Maresi - Thought-provoking and vivid worldbuilding. Gets better as it goes on.

Seed - A summery ball of creepy awesomeness - except the rushed ending.

Cuckoo - Gritty. Well researched. Interesting format. Characters not explored enough?

Shades of London (series of 3) - British and American culture crash together hilariously. With ghosts.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Guys. This is Harry Potter. Why are you even asking?

The Sellout - First adult book in a while. Heavily political satire. Nope.

Everything, Everything - Pure, messed up and beautiful all at once.
Um ... so ... I'm ... done? This feels so weird. I haven't torn nearly enough words out of my soul and plastered them on the page.

Or maybe I'm just accustomed to using too many.

In the comments: What did you guys read this summer? Can you summarise any of the books in ten words or less (it takes a bit of thinking!)? Would you say different things about the ones I've listed here?
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  1. I haven't read enough books this summer either. :( I wanted to get through my entire TBR, but I still have five books sat on my chair, waiting for me to read them.
    Added Shades of London to my TBR - I love books about ghosts! XD

    1. Urgh. It's really, really hard when you have a reading slump in Summer, because you have so much time on your hands and it just feels like there's no excuse. I've found that the only thing you can do is try to let go of the idea of 'enough books read' - but of course that's near impossible.

      I'm so glad! More people need to know about Shades of London, tbh.


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