Why Book Bans Hurt Me As A Reader

So lately, I've been trapped in a pretty dire reading slump.

I am reading a book at the moment - a publicist was kind enough to send me Kristen Simmon's Metaltown for review, and it's pretty darn good - but because my reading moods have been few and far between in the last few weeks, I'm moving almost agonisingly absolutely-and-totally-excrutiantingly slowly.
And literally today, I figured out why. It's because I've been on a book ban for the last month or so.
The thing is, for me at least, the speed at which I get something read isn't just related to how good the book itself is. It's also how excited I am about the next book I have waiting. And if I don't have a book waiting, my incentive is halved.

I think you see the problem, right?

The worst part is that I want to read. It's not fun being eleven books behind on your Goodreads goal, and I really do want to go hang out with some characters for a while. But as soon as I actually pick up whatever book I've got on the go, it feels as if I'm not actually taking it in properly. And then it feels as if I'm not going to give a fair review, which I always do my absolute utmost to avoid, and then I doubt myself as a book blogger because I don't read as much as a lot of others.

But do you know what?
I've decided that I need to give myself the freedom to enjoy my reading the way I want to. That means, if I have money and there's a book I want enough to know I'll get to it eventually? I'm probably just going to go ahead and buy it.

I'm not going to force myself to read in the name of a goal or trying to keep up with someone else, because then I won't enjoy it and that would just be sad. You people who manage to read 300 books a year are amazing and I salute your amazingness, but I just have to accept I'm probably never going to be one of you.

I'm going to read for the pure joy of it.
And that doesn't mean I'm abandoning my blog, or commitments I've already made or might want to make in the future. It just means I'm going to go easy on myself a little tiny bit.
And hey, I now know book bans don't work for me. I have an excuse to hoard books as much as I please.
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