7 Ways to Reboot Your Blog Content

Okay, a million things happened last night, and blogging just wasn't one of them. I'm sorry. But I don't want to deny you of the post, so here we go!

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Do you want to raise the standard of your blog posts? Are you getting sick of parroting the same-old content and want to make a change? Or are you just always looking for blogging advice?

Then read on, my friend. Read on.

It's easy to feel washed out when you're churning out blog posts regularly - I know I do - and that can lead to believing you're not doing your best all the time. No-one wants to feel like they're filling the internet with fluff, but that's okay. There are lots of things that you can do to re-invigorate yourself and your content.

I like to go through these steps one by one when I'm feeling stuck - it happens at least once a month, because apparently I'm not very good at squeezing through small gaps - and then I feel at least a little like I know what I'm doing (in my case, this is probably pure delusion, but . . .)

Would you like to take a look?

#1 - Take A Break

Depending on just how stuck you are, this break does not have to be long. Maybe it would be better just put off writing the post until tomorrow if you feel a little washed out, but if I warned you against the whole "take a week out and tell everyone" approach, that would make me a hypocrite, so take as long as you need. The idea is to step back and take stock, so your creative juices can get flowing again and replenish themselves.

Itching to blog yet? Never fear, there are nine more steps to go.

#2 - Ask Yourself . . .

What do you want from your blog? If you're anything like me, then you probably won't have thought of this at the beginning of your blogging journey, but deciding what success looks like for you is pretty important if you want to get there (or at least head towards it). For some people, this might just be blogging regularly, or making sure they're happy with every post they publish. Other, more transparently manipulated folks - I'm mainly talking about me here, so I don't mean to offend you - might be concerned about hitting certain view / follow statistics or getting a partnership with a certain organisation, but it's good idea to keep those goals based on you for now (i.e. publicise every post at least once on twitter, etc.) so you don't get disheartened due to circumstances you can't control.

Try to narrow down a couple of reasonably short-term goals that you feel you can achieve, and that will motivate you to keep on blogging. Trust me, it helps.

#3 - Identify the Problem

In short, work out what's stopping you achieving that goal. Is it a lack of knowledge? Are you scared to take the plunge and do something that will get you on that road? Or is it sheer disorganisation? I know that most of my problems come from that.

If you know what the problem is, then you can work out how to fix it. Sounds deceptively simple, right? That's because it is. Once you know what's gone wrong and derailed you, most of the hard work is done: just decide what you have to do and get it done!

#4 - Take Advice

Obviously this will be most helpful for those problems revolving around knowledge, but DON'T BE AFRAID TO GOOGLE IT. There's all sorts of blogs and websites and advice columns just floating around in cyberspace, and you'd be an idiot not to take advantage of the resources at your disposal, right?

The main reason Google helps is that I can promise you other people will have the same problem and be willing to help you. Plus, won't you feel a bit less alone knowing that you're not the only one suffering, and that you won't have to fix this alone?

The internet is wonderful.

#5 - Ignore Advice

It's not completely relevant, sure, but I love this too much not to put it in.
I never said I wasn't going to confuse you.

Basically, it's brilliant to look for and take as much advice as is useful to you, but it's also impossible to follow everything out there. You'd tie yourself up in knots. I've found that it's best to look at information through the filter of "Will this help me do what I want with my blog?". If it doesn't, or you're convinced you won't be able to follow through, my advice is simple. Let it go.

#6 - Change It Up

There's no use taking a break to get some perspective, identifying what you want, working out what needs to change for that to happen, and researching how to make that change if you don't actually . . . um . . . change anything. 

Take the plunge! Make some edits! Try new things! I know it's scary, but changing stuff is the only way to pull yourself out of a rut. And the great thing is that you choose exactly what you want to change, so although you have to do something different, it doesn't have to be rainbow-spotted-alien levels of crazy. You could even change something as superficial as a blog template, if that's going to help you.

and finally, because it basically sums up everything I've ever said ever . . .

#7 - Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New

Bravery! A new frontier! Awesomeness!

Good luck with your blogs, everyone (and if you haven't got one, start. It's the most fun you'll ever have) and I want to say one more thing. If you want to ignore everything I just said, down to this very sentence, then do. It's your blog, so play by your rules.

In the comments: How do you like to get yourself unstuck? Why? And what are you thinking of changing on your blog?
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