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Yes. I'm aware pancake day was yesterday, but a) I don't post on Tuesdays, b) no-one would want to miss a pancake related book blog post, and c) who wouldn't want the celebrations for such an awesome thing to just keep going?

Welcome, book characters! Roll up to Lara's Bookish Pancake Bar, the bookworld-renowned establishments that makes different pancake flavours for everyone. I've got something for all of you, meticulously researched, and I do hope you enjoy. Refills, after all, are on the house . . .

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) - Melted Mint Chocolate with Extra Spearmint
Firstly, Hermione, I can tell you that melted chocolate on pancakes is one of the best things in the known universe. This year, I had salt caramel chocolate, and it was incredible, but when I've had mint before, it always made me think of you. I think it's this bit from Half-Blood Prince that does it:

If you could eat mint pancakes on a freshly mown lawn while you read a book made from old parchment, that would probably be the best of all worlds. However, I am unwilling to serve grass in this particular establishment, and no-one puts toothpaste in pancakes, so I have my fingers crossed that this is lovely enough.

Celaena Saradothin (Throne of Glass) - Lemon and Sugar
Celeana, could you come down from the roof please? I'm fairly confident that there's no-one up there you need to assassinate, and I have sweets to discuss with you.

Thought that might get your attention.

I am reliably informed that you love sugar, and while the flavour I have chosen is a little traditional - some might even say ordinary - among earth-dwellers, I'm pretty sure you don't serve it in Erilea. It's a good place to start for the pancake newbie, and quick enough to make that the recipe shouldn't be too taxing for you to make after a long day's assassin-ing. Let me know if you want seconds.


Grover Underwood (Percy Jackson series) - Cheese and Avocado
Guys, has anyone seen Grover? *there is a brief pause while he is located in a rubbish bin*

Grover, come on. If you wanted a tin can, you just should have said: I've got one right here. And this pancake is effectively a cheese enchilada with bells on, and judging by this quote you absolutely adore cheese enchiladas. I've even made a special scrap-metal-and-cream one for dessert, so I really hope you lik-

At this rate, I'm going to need to make some more batter.

Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games series) - Orange and Burnt Brandy
Peeta? Are you okay? Has Katniss been sleep-shooting again?
Oh, I'm sorry. Well, I made a pancake to cheer you up, the boy with the bread who loves orange. Pancakes are a type of bread . . . ish. And I've added oranges, special sunset coloured oranges because we can't get any like Effie's hair. That would be a travesty. The burnt brandy is mostly there due to the whole nice-flavour-combination thing, but I also like the fact that your pancake can be on fire. Considering your relationship with the girl on fire.
I may have over-GIFed there, but never mind. 

In the comments: What's your favourite pancake flavour? Which fictional character would you give a pancake to and why? What flavour do you think they'd like?
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