7 Reasons Bookshops Might Be The Death of Me

Big Blogging Bonanza - Day 8! That's over a week, people. Thank you so much for reading and making this so awesome.
If there's one thing that a bookworm simply cannot resist, it's a bookshop. It's our haven, our sanctuary, but it's also actively designed to try and make us buy more books. Books are expensive things, and yet, although we might have ten or twenty unread ones at home, we just can't resist.

I've gathered up a handful of handy-dandy snapshots and diagrams to summarise our pain. It might be funny. Only . . . if you're not a bookworm, look away now. You might discover a serious drain on your funds here.

#1 - When you always, always need a new book.
I always buy a book when I get the chance, because even if I think I don't need it, I must be wrong. Some people call it irresponsible. I call it being honest with myself.

#2 - The texts you only send when you've run out of money.
My favourite part of this is that my Mum usually knows how many books I've chosen. And that I'm probably going to need help carrying them, let alone paying for them.

#3 - When you just don't know when to stop.
Just so you know, having seventeen books under your arm and adding just one more as you reach the till does not mean you've reached a higher level of bookshop addiction than the rest of us. This is almost embarrassingly common.

#4 - Alison Cherry gets it.
I sympathise with this for two reasons. Firstly, repeat copies (I NEED the new-design Harry Potter books). Secondly, coloured pages *swoon*.

#5 - That awkward moment. . . 
Seeing as the bookshop is one of the only shops I can actually visit without a possie of girlfriends to critique and help me decide on my every purchase, I struggle when it's closed. And it's absolutely necessary to set aside at least three hours every time I go in there.

#6 - When you realise your house does not have as many shelves as the shop itself.
Actually, local bookshop, I have a plan. Seeing as I buy half of your stock anyway, and don't like lugging it home, why don't my books just stay with you? In a Lara's-private section? I buy it, it gets shelved separately, and then I only need to bring the vital ones home. My shelves are less likely to collapse then.

Oh no, wait. They're all vital.

#7 - The inevitable visit to any bookshop you pass.
I actually cannot tell you how many times this has happened. In London, I didn't bother sightseeing. I found a bookshop.

And you should have seen me when I realised non-students weren't allowed in the Bodleian Library.

What do you think is the most tempting part of a bookshop? And which of these have happened to you?
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