Life Without Reading

Today, I was struck by a terrible, terrible thought.
What would the world be like if reading didn't exist? If your favourite authors all hung up their pens simultaneously and wouldn't write another word? If books, all books, suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth, never to return?

I got crazy philosophical for a minute, but then I thought - hey! Seeing as that's probably not going to happen, why don't I have some fun with it!

Fanboys and fangirls, I present to you . . . the END of the BOOK WORLD.


First, we'd all think it was a hoax. I mean, come ON. They can't make all the authors quit at once. Can they?

But then, as public figures began to stand up and explain just why reading would be banned, whispers of outrage begin to spread.

Then, J.K Rowling announces that it's true. And she can't do anything about it.

Widespread panic.


The deadline for books to be handed in and destroyed draws closer. We begin to bulk-read and try, in vain, to get to the bottoms of our To-Read lists.

Some contemplate life after books, but they are quickly silenced.

The date of book destruction comes.

Depression sets in.

Not everyone gives up their reading material willingly. Historically, things were hidden in books, but now, we hide books themselves.

The government cracks down on Readers - they are portrayed as selfish traditionalists who are not willing to help the rest of humanity with progress.

Slowly, and surely, they manage to stamp out the widespread rebellion. And life is hard.

Children grow up who've never read a single sentence.

But then, over the years, the skill begins to be secretly handed down.

The people become restless.

A rebellion is stirring.

We find our Chosen One, our Mockingjay, called The Bookworm.

The rebels become so common that people understand their Hunger Games and Harry Potter references.

President No-Read is overthrown.

You see, reading will always be there for us. No matter what happens, we shall conquer - as soon as we finish the next chapter.

So, I know this post was a bit different to usual - do you want to see a bit more like it? And what do you think you'd do without reading?
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