Words for a Wednesday: Gallagher Girls

It's Day 6 of the Big Blogging Bonanza, and we all know what that means . . . it's Words for a Wednesday. And we do love quotes. ;-)

Today's words are from Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, and I chose them because they're just plain funny. I think we could all do with some laughs after last week's deep analysis of Sirius Black, and the GG books are some of the only ones I've read that actually made me laugh out loud.
I really couldn't pick between these - they're hilarious, smart and sassy; everything you want from a series about teenage girl spies:

"Operatives Baxter and Morgan were temporarily exiled from the London safe house at 2300 hours. The Operatives, however, were currently unfamiliar with the protocol for 'fun-having', so they decided to worry about their mission objectives instead."
"Operative Morgan was given a stern lecture by Agent Townsend, a tracking device by Agent Cameron, and a very scary look from Operative Goode. (She also got a tip that her bra was showing by Operative McHenry.)"
"Turns out, if you escape from a high-level detention facility, really big, really macho guys stop looking at you like you're cute and start looking at you like you're awesome."
"But that's a girl's right, isn't it? To cry sometimes for no reason? Really, when you think about it, that right ought to be in the United States constitution. Maybe I'll break into the National Archive sometime and write that in."
"Liz stopped worrying about the fate of the world and started worrying about college admissions. (Thus far, she'd been accepted at Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stamford, MIT and six other schools she hadn't technically applied to.)

Which of these quotes do you guys think is your favourite? And what other books have the power to make you laugh out loud?
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