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If you've read Percy Jackson, you'll know that demigods, or Half-Bloods, each pick up some characteristics from their godly parent, and that they are grouped into 'cabins' with their half-siblings. I've chosen a book character (not from Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus, that's cheating) who I think would be related to each God. And yes, I know some of these Gods didn't have children because they were sworn to be virgins, etc. etc. etc., but I just thought it'd be fun to ignore those rules.


Cabin #1 - Zeus
A born leader. Not necessarily war-like, but good at commanding.
If you want a leader, Peter Pevensie from the Narnia series is definitely your guy. He lead the Narnian army to two great victories, first against the White Witch, and then against the Telmarines, led by King Miraz. He is said to be noble and fair, and is very protective of his siblings, especially his youngest sister, Lucy. I think that's a pretty good fit for the King and guardian of the Gods.

Cabin #2 - Hera
Values family and allies above all else, particularly themselves, but is quick to wage war on their enemies.

That would be Katarina Bishop from the Heist Society series. No question. I mean, the Bishops are a large family of expert thieves, and they only trust each other to get things done. Kat tends to destroy anyone else pretty quickly - especially if they have anything worth stealing. . .

Cabin #3 - Poseidon
A figurative mermaid or merman - more at home under the waves than on land.
It sounds quite weird, but I've actually got too many people to choose from here! I'm going to choose Grace from the Silver Spires series, in that she's a champion swimmer.

Cabin #4 - Demeter
Someone who loves nature.
This is a really hard one, but I'm going to take a (somewhat) easy way out and go with Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden. I think it fits because the garden and flowers were Mary's escape - as soon as she found that garden, she was thinking about what she could plant and where: a lot of people would think an overgrown place like that worthless. To Mary, and the other children of Demeter, an empty garden is full of possibilities.

Cabin #5 - Ares
A warrior. They often pick fights, and usually end up defending themselves - anger is one of their main issues.
Probably Katniss Everdeen. She's the Queen of the Hunger Games, and she prefers to use her bow than stand around playing politics. Although she can learn to like people, and she's loyal once she understands them, she's quick to mistrust and reacts with anger if she's not sure what's going on.

Cabin #6 - Athena
Someone intelligent - they aren't just smart, but are constantly trying to find knowledge and use it in new ways.
I'm going to go with Matilda Wormwood from Roald Dahl's Matilda, mostly because she loves reading (always trying to find knowledge). If Matilda isn't intelligent, I don't know who is.

Not to mention the fact that you should see Matilda The Musical. It might have nothing to do with this, but . . . yeah.

Cabin #7 - Apollo
A musician - preferably the heartbreaking kind.
Easy! Dexter from This Lullaby might not technically be a heart-breaker, but he definitely violates Remy's 'no dating musicians' rule, and he's nothing if not a little wild. Add to that the fact that he's tall, dark and handsome, and you have a son of Apollo, the most attractive and even playboy-ish of the Gods.

Cabin #8 - Artemis
Independent, determined and resilient. Doesn't like to rely on anyone. 
I'm currently reading Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, so I'm going to pick Amy Gumm, the main character from that. She's definitely independent, seeing as she's grown up with no friends, determined to protect an Oz she barely even recognises, and resilient in that she's constantly trying to keep her morales straight in a world where the Wicked are the good guys. She doesn't like to rely on anyone because her Mom's so depressed that she usually has to look after herself, and is also pretty wary of boys, just like Artemis.

Cabin #9 - Hephaestus
Someone good at making or fixing things.
Willow from Angel isn't just my favourite supernatural character EVER, but she's also really skilled at fixing car engines. To me, that just screams HEPHAESTUS!

Cabin # 10 - Aphrodite
A romantic character / A character you associate with love
Associate with love, did you say? Might they even be a little bit obsessed - cloying, overly sweet and downright annoying at times, and always wanting to take their relationship to the next level? Might it get to the point that they're so overbearing their boyfriend pretends to be asleep when she visits them in the hospital wing?

Lavender Brown. And Ron, that really wasn't cool.

Cabin #11 - Hermes
A gossip. They usually know your secrets before you know them yourself.
The Greeks called Hermes the 'messenger of the Gods', so it makes sense that his children would know everything about everyone. Enter Tina Walters, who's a minor character in Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series, and deals in rumours. She might not be well-known, but she's a definite daughter of Hermes.

Cabin #12 - Dionysus
A pacifist or creative - someone who prefers imagination to anger.
Ooh, I've given myself a toughie here. Let's say Eleanor from Eleanor and Park. She's always doodling and scribbling, loves the comic books and music that Park shows her, and, although she goes through an awful lot, I don't think she raises her voice once in the entire book. Also, her fashion sense sort of reminds me of scatty Dionysus.

As this is a blog meme, it's meant to be shared around and reblogged as much as possible. If you want to, please take the categories and fill in your own characters. I'm only officially tagging GirlReadingBooks, because I know she's been trying to start a blog for a while and loves Percy Jackson, but don't let that stop you!
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  1. THIS IS SUCH A COOL TAGGGG!! I love it. And I totally agree with your sortings here. I can absolutely see Matilda being sisters/cousins with Annabeth, and Peter? He totally belongs with Zeus. xD Also Eleanor is totally perfect... comics and music, omg, she is so totally fabulous.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Eleanor is one of my favourite ever characters. And I love that photo of her :-) Which godly parent do you think you'd have? Mine's probably Athena or Artemis.


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