A Bookworm's Worries

I lost my library card yesterday. It was really, really scary - mostly because I couldn't renew my books and that meant I got a fine. FORTY-FIVE WHOLE PENCE. WASTED! And now I've found it, so everything was okay, but it did get me worried.

Us bookworms worry an awful lot. About library cards and overdue fines and loads of over things. Things like these:

#1 - Overdue fines.

 Aargh. I miss the good old days, when my county council wouldn't charge them for children's books. No luck any longer, I suppose. But what's really annoying is that libraries only send reminder emails a few days before the books are due, so if I'm away or busy. . . there's probably a setting I can change somewhere, but I haven't figured it out. So for now, I just have to keep track as best I can and rely on my worries to keep me on track. 

#2 - Books that have not been published yet.

 As an incredibly impatient person, I hate waiting for books to be released. I fret. It's so bad I try not to add pre-orders to my Amazon or Goodreads list, so as not to tempt myself: the longest I ever kept one was Life by Committee, and I'm pretty sure that it stayed for over eight months.

The last week was the worst. By far.

#3 - Having to request books from the library.

 See above.

#4 - Books not doing what you want them to.
 Mind you, even we impatient folk can cling onto certain things. I've been known not to start a book because I'm worried finishing it will ruin everything. And sometimes, especially with trilogies, the ending of the first one is so perfect I won't start the next because I know it's going to fall apart. *cough* Angel by L.A Weatherly *cough*.

#5 - Damage.
And I worry terribly about bad things happening to my books. Or anyone else's. Once, I sort of threw up on a library book, and it was horrid. Just cut me some slack, okay? I was in hospital on medication. You can, however, blame me for that time one got ripped.
I feel awful.

#6 - Loss.
Losing a book is like losing a part of your soul. If you borrow one and don't give it back, I will quickly become your worst nightmare. If you value my friendship, give it back NOW.

#7 - Fates unknown.
I am constantly, constantly aware that other things may happen to my babies. I'm always worried. So don't do anything to them. I am oddly possessive of the library's things too.

I wonder: what do you bookworms like to worry about? And do you EVER lend people your books?
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  1. Yeah, I lend my friends my books all the times.


    The reality is, my friends aren't really readers (can you believe that?) and I am the only one who are literature enthusiast. I feel like an outcast, I can tell you that.

    I used to lend my friends my books though, but now I switch to 100% e-book, so it's kind more complicated so I wouldn't bother.

    Oh, and to answer your question, my current worry is that George R.R. Martin will never finish writing Game of Thrones :/

    Interesting post!

    1. I- wait, what? Your friends aren't readers? At least you have us internet-ty folks to look after you! With us, you won't feel like an outcast ;-)

      And I don't think I'd ever have the strength to go 100% e-Book. PAPER BOOKS ARE SO PRETTY!

  2. Oh oh I have lost my library card. WORSE, I ACTUALLY HAD IT STOLEN. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. It's freaking free to sign up for a library card the first time, but someone used my stolen library card....ermagerd. I nearly had a breakdown I was so freaked and worried. The library cancelled the card and all that, but I don't think we ever found out who did it. I just...why?!??! Why not get your own card?! GAH.
    Ahem. Rant over. ;) Clearly I'm still traumatised.
    AWK BUT ALL THESE THREATS ARE REALL. Particularly waiting for books. Waiting for reserves. Waaaiting when other people in line LOSE THE BOOK and you have to wait like 9 months for it. -_-

    1. Someone stole your library card? SOMEONE STOLE YOUR LIBRARY CARD? It makes a) no sense and b) most bookworms very unhappy. Maybe they knew you were an extraordinary blogger, and wanted to feel like they were you. Or maybe they wanted to finish you with horrible overdue fines (erk!).

      I do NOT like waiting, for reserves or other books. So I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply - I thought I had already @-_-@. (That's a blushing smiley face, if you can't tell. Emoticons are hard to type.)


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