Fictional Couples: The Mailbag

As per usual, I found the idea for this post on someone else's blog. This is a very late, unofficial part of Teens Can Write Too's April 2015 Blog Chain.

Here are a series of letters to my favourite fictional couples, from books, films and TV. I do a lot of shipping, let me tell you (especially when it comes to Potter), but before any angry fangirls/boys stab me over my ships, I would like to remind you that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I really don't mind if you disagree (really, I promise) but please play nice. I am a sensitive little munchkin. *sniff sniff*

Dear Viodore,
You don't seem to have an official ship name, which is exceptionally annoying, but I've come up with the best I can, not being very good at creating them.

Your book (All the Bright Places, if anyone hasn't been paying attention) snapped me in two. It was brutal, but necessary, for sure. You're two broken kids, but together, you're whole. You might be lost, but together, you don't exactly want to be found. I have never known two people more deserving of a happy ending.

Dear Christill,
Again, not an official name. Christina and Will from Divergent.
Yes, Four and Tris were good. But I always had more of a soft spot for you, mostly because it wasn't a slow-burn romance. You knew your feelings for each other straight away, and you admitted them. It's so refreshing to know people who admitted they were in love, instead of being forced together.

I cried at other deaths in these books. But there was one I cried at because I knew what it meant for you. (Notice, those who have read the book, how skilfully I avoided spoilers?)

My Luneville,
I wish you were canon. I do know that not everyone meets their soulmate in Secondary (not high) School, but IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO PERFECT. Two outcasts, finding their place together.

Summing up my thoughts entirely. ^^^

Dear Hugh Collins and Dot Williams,
Anyone who knows who these two are gets a mound of chocolate. They're from an (I think) Australian TV show called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, which isn't very well known, hence why I can't find a ship name for them. If you guys watch this, you'll get some idea of the cuteness going on. Aww!

Anyway, on with the letter:

Guys, please stop being so self-conscious - you wouldn't know romance if it bit you in the face. You're a perfect couple and you deserve a life together, so don't hold back. Hugh, you're going to need to propose to her at some point, so just man up and do it. Dot, please believe that you're beautiful. Please believe that, no matter about the difference in your upbringings, he will love you more than any other man can.

(Also, can you guys introduce your parents at some point? The scene between Hugh and his in-laws would be absolutely hilarious.)

Dearest, dearest Ronmione,

You guys are my favourite couple in the entire world. I love the way that, way before you were in love, you were friends. And even before that, you hated each other.

I love the way that you got mad sometimes, and your feuds were that we all knew you'd fall in love some day. The Yule Ball broke my heart, and Ron, you broke Lavender's (we might not have liked her, but it wasn't cool). Harmony makes sense sometimes, it really does, but I always liked the fact that the girl didn't fall in love with the main character.
Thank you for showing me that sometimes, just sometimes, stereotypes don't always fit. And that's okay.

Which fictional couples do you ship REALLY hard? And what would you like to say to them?
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  1. Yes, yes, all the things! I love them all! (Well, I haven't ever watched Miss Fisher's, but to the rest, so much yes). I agree, Christina/Will and Violet/Finch need official ship names. I love good ship names. And Luneville is just adorable and perfect, it was totally canon, even if we didn't see it.

    1. Couples without official ship names drive me absolutely insane. I hate it, because I feel like if I write the wrong one, the world will hate me. I don't want the world to hate me.

      Oh, you should so watch Miss Fisher! The first two series are on Netflix, but I need the third one like, now, so I might end up getting a box set. (And in some ways, I would actually prefer Neville and Luna to Harry and Ginny, but don't tell anyone I said that.)


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