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Okay, I'm a terrible human being. This is yesterday's post. I was going to publish it last night, but then stuff happened and I realised I'd forgotten the pictures. We can't have a blog post without pictures! Here's the finished article, and I'll publish today's in a few hours.


Hello, all! Today's post is shamelessly stolen from Kate at The Magic Violinist, who in turn stole it from Cait (just as lovely but differently spelled) at Paper Fury. And, seeing as we all already know how much I love Hermione Granger, I'm going to try and answer all the questions without mentioning her.
I'm sorry, Hermione. As always, take careful note of the word 'TRY' in that sentence.

1. Which heroine would you trade places with?
Oooh, an interesting one. I'll go with Laura Marlin from the Laura Marlin Mysteries, mostly because she gets to live in beautiful St. Ives and has (reasonably) free rein while her Uncle's busy at work. She can walk to school along the beach, for Pete's sake. And she has a husky named Skye.

Huskies are my favourite dog breed, and Skye is what I was always going to call a dog if I was ever allowed one. So far, I haven't been. And yes, it's true that she does usually end up with someone trying to kill her by the end of the book, but I could probably get round that by not aggravating hardened criminals.

2. Which heroine would you push off a cliff and hope there were some jagged rocks at the bottom?
Can I just say? Horrible question! Characters are my babies and I'm not pushing them anywhere. But, I'll bite. Here's one I'm angry with:

Cassia from Matched. Oh my gosh, CASSIA FROM MATCHED. I was going to put her down in the 'bland' column, but then I started typing and realised I was actually pretty angry with her. I mean, I wouldn't wish death on anyone, but she's just so dramatic. And a little dull.

How can someone be too boring and too drama-queeny all at the same time?

3. Heroine you couldn't even care less about? They're so bland they don't even inspire the hate in you?
This is actually a pretty tough one, because I tend to hate book characters more than I don't care about them. Possibly. . . CASSIA FROM MATCHED.

Oh no, here I go again. I'd just like to say, before you all go off and despise me, that I liked Matched and am currently reading Crossed. They're good books. It's just, I tend to feel good about most heroines, and she seemed a little off to me. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal.

4. Heroine you thought you wouldn't like and ended up liking and vice versa?
I really didn't think I'd like Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus series, mostly because she fills the same role as Annabeth and no-one can beat Annabeth. But she's pretty cool, in her own way, and showed me that the kids from Aphrodite cabin don't just sit about doing their hair.

I can't think of a heroine that I thought I'd like and didn't. Yay me for good judgement?!

5. Side heroine who is much more interesting than the main heroine?

Fun! Can I pick two? Firstly, although I love all the characters in Red, Ivy is so much cooler and more memorable than Felicity. She entered a beauty pageant wearing converse, so she pretty much wins in my book.
My second choice is, incidentally, called Red (or, later, Rowan) in The 13 Treasures series. She's tough, and she's been wounded, but she still knows her own mind. So does Tanya, the main character, but I always preferred Rowan.

6. Which heroine would you want as your friend?
Lyra Belacqua from the His Dark Materials series would be pretty awesome to have as a friend. We could mess about together; play with our daemons (I'm almost sure the final form of mine would be a songbird) and generally have fun. Our names are only one letter different - that has to count for something!

7. Which heroine do you wish would just CHOOSE between the guys in her love triangle?
I'd say Kat Bishop from Heist Society, not because she didn't have chemistry between both Nick and Hale, but because, to me, Hale had known her for so much longer and seemed the natural choice. I'm not going to ruin the ending for you guys, but I was satisfied with it.

8. 'Bad girl' heroine?
Macey McHenry from Gallagher Girls. She's covered in piercings, knows more about boys than her classes, and prefers to read Vogue than study. What I love about her is that she tries hard once she realises how lucky she is to be at Gallagher Academy, is endlessly loyal to her friends, and, towards the end, realises that good grades are the best way to disappoint her parents, because they think she must have cheated.

9. 'Good girl' heroine?
There are so many, but I'll go with Cath from Fangirl - she's at college, doesn't drink or party, and prefers to sit up in her room writing FanFiction. But she does go to class.

Admittedly, not all of this stuff is good. Get out there, Cath! Meet people! But it does mean she's definitely qualified as one of the most amazing good girl heroines ever.

10. Your favourite heroine of them all, or your top three if you can't choose?
This one is so, so hard. I applaud whoever wrote these questions for their making me choose-ness. Number one would obviously be Hermione Granger (or maybe Luna Lovegood), but I'm not supposed to mention her, so I decline to answer.

What about you lovely people? You're tagged to do this as well, you know! And what are your top three heroines, seeing as I so miserably failed to choose any?
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  1. I love Cath! I think she's the first person who got me interested in fan-fiction, actually. ;) And as an introvert myself I could totally relate to her. That book is just all around awesome. And of course Hermione is a given. She's my favorite heroine, too.

    I haven't read the Matched series in forever, but I do remember liking the story much more than the characters themselves. And like most dystopians, I was unimpressed with the third book. :/ Oh well.

  2. Yes! That's exactly what I meant - I liked the story more than the characters.

  3. Yes! That's exactly what I meant - I liked the story more than the characters.


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