Paper-Related Towns

Hello, bloglings! I was going to post Part 2 of Friday’s Cover Championships of Champions, but I'm currently in a hotel with less-than-reliable WiFi (explaining why this is showing up a day later than planned), and it isn't dealing very well with photo downloads. Not good for such a visually-oriented post!

Instead, I would like to talk to you about a wonderful place I found on this little holiday of mine. For some of you, it may not be a new discovery.

It was, however, utterly fantastic.

I'm talking about the Waterstones in Lewes, the ‘county town’ of East Sussex. A weird thing to get excited about, I know, but it wasn't like any Waterstones I’d ever come across. For a start, it had this really cool wood-style décor instead of the black you usually get, and the Children’s section was practically in the front of the bookstore. I am not even kidding. That in itself was perfect.
Then I realised there was a café involved. And café tables amongst the bookshelves. Sure, I did cringe a bit when I thought about possibly sticky hands touching brand-new books, but they had ice-cream. How can I get angry when there’s ice-cream involved? I'm sure they make people pay for stickyfied books.
A picture cannot possibly do the wonderfulness of this bookshop justice, but a person online has tried.

And, to top it all off, I bought Paper Towns. The book I've been instructing myself to buy for at least a week and a half. It is beautiful and perfect and hilarious and all the things you would expect from a book involving a road trip and a cow.

I had a pretty good day yesterday (as you can tell from my sentences – they usually get shorter as I get more excited); the best part was probably how I got thinking about all the other brilliant book-places I wish I could live in. Old Pier Books in Morcambe, the second-hand bookshop my Grandparents have been taking me every summer for years because the funfair is always closed. The school book sale when I almost managed to wangle Pride and Prejudice for free. Even my bog-standard local bookshop is important, to me, because they’re all points on my reading map. All paper-related towns (I love what I did there).

Books are the catalyst for all these memories.

In conclusion, I really like the Waterstones in Lewes. You guys should all go there, en masse, just to see who was more surprised: you or the poor man owning said bookshop. And I really, really want to know about the points on your reading maps, partly because I can go there, and partly because they make you the reader you are. So I can recommend you more books, knowing you’ll like them.


Tell me all about your paper-related towns! Please? I would love to hear about some involving ice-cream. . . 
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