I Wish. . .

I am not an easily satisfied reader, blogger or person. I will trawl through many, many blurbs on Goodreads until I'm willing to spend my hard-earned money on anything, or mentally dismiss dozens of post ideas before I find what I want.

I was completely overexcited when I thought of this one. Because it's about not being satisfied. How perfect is that?

I wish there was a law that meant series had to be released all at the same time, instead of one by one. So I wouldn't have to wait six to eighteen months for a sequel.

I wish that, as soon as a new book is released, a copy was always sent to every library in that language. I know that, space-wise, this would be quite problematic, so I'm okay if this rule only applies to YA.

I wish library fines did not exist. As bookworms, we do not take stealing books lightly, and money is not needed to make us take them back; strongly-worded emails and threats to our personal book collections would probably do the trick.

I wish characters would do what I say, and not be stupid. I am currently very annoyed with Ray from Gangsta Rap for this reason, but I have not finished yet, so no spoilers.

I wish film adaptations always involved fans at every stage of the process. Could we have some sort of fandom consultant? You probably wouldn't have to pay them, because they would kill to meet the author in the first place.

I wish my favourite characters would survive at least some of the time, but I am probably being unrealistic.

I wish my friends would just hurry up and read the books I recommend them. They might not think they will like them, but I AM THEIR OVERLORD AND I KNOW BETTER.
I wish blogging was easier, but I know you can't take shortcuts.

I wish books did not take up physical space, so I could own tens and thousands of them without ever needing to buy a new bookshelf or fear bookshelf collapse. It would also help if they were cheaper.

I wish some people valued YA as much as adult literature. Just because we're younger doesn't mean we're less.

I wish all authors earned money enough for their art, because I know some really struggle. That means that no-one should pirate ebooks, in particular.
As you can probably tell, I am a girl with a lot of wishes, most of which are infeasible. But I will always hope beyond hope that those last two will come true. After all, the bookish world deserves it.

What annoying parts of the bookish world do you wish would go away? And, all jokes aside, what wish would you most like to come true?
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